Why Is My Hedge Trimmer Not Working

Why Is My Hedge Trimmer Not Working

There are times when a hedge trimmer simply refuses to work or cut. And sometimes it even releases smoke. If this happens to you, don’t worry because these issues are quite common with hedge trimmers. By carrying out only a few maintenance procedures, one can prevent or solve these issues.

However, you need to know where the problem is coming from so you can tackle it effectively. Below are all the reasons why your hedge trimmer is not functioning as it should. Keep reading.

Why Your Hedge Trimmer Is Not Working

Hedge trimmer refusing to work is one of the most common problems associated with the tool and this can be attributed to several factors. The most popular cause is a faulty spark plug.

When the electrode of a spark plug is burned or damaged, there’s usually so much carbon build-up and the insulator can crack. You will need to replace the spark plug immediately to find out whether the fault is coming from there.

There is also a possibility that the machine’s carburettor is somehow clogged. When a carburettor is clogged, it becomes difficult for fuel to run through the machine and help to power it on.

While it can be really easy to clean out a carburettor, more often than not, this does not solve the problem. You may have to change the whole carburettor before the trimmer can start working again.

When there’s a problem with the trimmer’s rewind spring, then your machine may also not start. Rewind spring is important to a hedge trimmer because it allows you to start the again by recoiling the starter cord. The solution is to replace the rewind spring or even the whole recoil set.

You can also check your fuel filter for clogs. Your hedge cutter cannot start when its fuel filter is clogged. Therefore, solve this problem by draining out all the fuel in the tank and change the filter.

Why Your Hedge Trimmer Is Not Cutting Well

Hedge Trimmer Is Not Cutting Well

Your hedge trimmer not cutting properly can also be due to a variety of causes. The most likely reason is that the blades are not sharp enough. One way you can tell whether or not the blades are dull is by observing the branches that you have cut. Are they frayed?

If yes, then your blades need sharpening. It is important to let a professional help you with this since the blades must remain at their correct cutting angle. After sharpening, the blades should make clean and neat cuts on the hedges.

Again, the problem can be as a result of twigs that have gotten caught in your blades. This can prevent the blade from moving properly or stop them from turning at all. The blades often get caught in blades because the upper blade has separated from the lower one.

This is often a result of repeated use over a long period. You will need to remedy the situation by rearranging the blades so that the machine can start cutting as it should.

Your hedge trimmer will also not cut properly when its blades have been blocked by debris. Luckily, you can easily clean this debris away from the blades. Use a wet cloth. Afterwards, oil up the blades lightly so that they do not get clogged again.

Why the Blade of Your Hedge Trimmer is Not Moving?

If you switch on your hedge trimmer and it comes on, but its blades refuse to move, then a few things can be responsible. It could be a blade problem or an issue with the gearbox or clutch.

When the clutch is broken or distorted, it can prevent the blades from spinning. You need to change the clutch if it is already broken.

If, however, the clutch is merely tensioned, experts will easily be able to take care of the issue. You must use the correct part number since the cutter can damage further if you don’t.

The gearbox and trimmer blades are connected. This is why if the gearbox is damaged the blades too will be affected. It is normal for the gearbox of a trimmer to become damaged if it has been used continuously over a long period. The remedy is to replace the gearbox, and everything will be fine again.

Also, blades that are impaired will often not move when the machine is powered. These blades have a high tendency to remain fixed to a spot if they have been clogged by debris and twigs.

Hedge cutters with bent teeth will also likely not rotate. You can prevent the trimmer teeth from getting bents by avoiding all situations that can cause the cutter to hit the ground or any other hard surface while the machine is already on.

Another cause of hedge cutter not mowing is tree sap. The sap of twigs can remain on the blades and force them to freeze. This is why after each use you should apply WD40 on the cutter blades. Other lubricants can effectively stop tree sap from sticking to trimmer blades.

Why Your Hedge Trimmer Is Smoking

Smoking speaks column about the health of your hedge trimmer. While it is a sure sign that something is wrong with the machine, it can be a way of drawing your attention to the fact that the machine needs immediate attention or mean that your trimmer is too damaged for repair.

If yours is a petrol-powered trimmer, simply put it off immediately it begins to smoke. This is very important. Make sure the machine cools down before doing anything to it, especially since the motor is what you’ll need to work on.

A smoking trimmer usually means that the engine of your equipment needs replacement. Black smoke is a sign that the trimmer has a problem with combustion while grey or white smoke is a clear indication that the motor is faulty.

Advice: After doing all of the things if your hedge trimmer still not working, it’s time to get a new hedge trimmer. You can buy any of the trimmers from cordless, corded or even petrol hedge trimmers, that’ll depend on your needs or personal preference. As per greenmachinery’s review -a battery hedge trimmer can be more convenient than any type of the hedge cutters as because they don’t have any hassle for cord or even the fuel.


You can prevent the majority of these hedge trimmer issues by simply maintaining the tool as you should.

Many of the problems you’re experiencing with your trimmer are a result of the spill over effect of neglecting the machine for too long. Once you follow our tips and fix your trimmer, make it a habit to examine and maintain your trimmer regularly.


Tips to get the best out of your treadmill

Tips to get the best out of your treadmill

When chilly mornings take over, the outdoor running lacks its attraction and becomes a cumbersome task for many of us.

Now, the only workout friend you have is a treadmill. But, how can you make the most of it? Well, there is more than just pressing the power button and roll on with the moving belt.

Here, we will reveal some of the best treadmill tips. All comes directly from the desk of fitness scientists and workout experts.

1. Don’t take the treadmill straight away

Find a vacant treadmill and hope on instantly to lose some calories. As tempting as it sounds. Right? However, it’s not the best practice for your muscles.

Similar to weight lifting or strength training exercises, you should spend some time warming your body before stepping on a tread belt.

Do spend some time on warm-up

A five-minute warm-up will activate your heart and it will start sending more oxygen to your muscles. Hence, the body temperature will rise and it will be more receptive to the challenges you will throw while running.

So, start with some walk, then jog for a while before you increase the speed or engage in incline positions.

2. Don’t run in a poor form

Landing hard on the tread belt or running while leaning back or forwards might result in muscle strain. Running with a diverted mind can also result in a lack of balance.

Keep your mind and body together while you run on a treadmill. Focus what you are doing, maintain your focus on your muscles, on the steps, and on your heartbeat. If you will concentrate more on what you are doing, you will feel the positive energy flowing through your veins that will also push you for those extra miles or lift some extra weight.

Do maintain your body and movements

Walk or run while maintaining the right form is one of the important factors. You should run upright while keeping your face, neck, and arms relaxed. Make sure your arms are moving back and forth, not across your chest.

Always look forward and keep your head and body at the same level. Semi-roll your feet for smooth strides.

3. Don’t look down

Best Treadmill Tips for beginners

If you look at the moving belt for a long time, you might feel dizzy and ultimately lose balance. So, don’t look down while running or walking on a treadmill.

Don’t force or slap your feet on the running surface. Never take long strides to make extra impact your knees and hence losing the form.
Do as you walk or run outdoors

Visualize that you are on a usual running track. Do not think that you are running indoors and you have to be more careful about your strides. No matter you are walking, jogging or running, you have to move smoothly and naturally.

As a beginner, you might start rushing after a few minutes, but hold your horses because you don’t have to lose all our energy at once for a less efficient workout.

4. Don’t hold the rails

If you are repeatedly holding the safety rails while walking or running on a treadmill, then its time you should revise your techniques. Walking with a hold in hand means you are feeling overwhelmed, kind of filled.

Do move your arms while running or walking

Once you feel the need for support, decrease the speed or lower down the incline. Start running at constant speed wherein you don’t have to hold anything. If you want to get more accurate treadmill tips best treadmill under $600 review can fulfill your requirement.

Increase the speed to some extent and practice at the same without any support. Gradually, you will build a habit to run without holding the safety rails.

5. Don’t incline it too much

Do not set the incline for more than seven percent. Running at high inclination will put extra pressure on our ankles, hips, and back.

You might think that you are getting a great workout for your lower body by running on a steep tread belt. However, a straight hill path is not a good idea and can even lead to injuries.

Do alternate the running paths

Think in this way; would you find a three-mile hill with an incline of six or seven percent outdoors? No, you will not. So, what is the best way to use the incline feature?

Well, do not run on an inclined tread belt for more than five minutes. Change the tread surface to normal settings after a few minutes. Mixing the running minutes between an inclined and normal path is efficient in building strength, stamina, and endurance.

6. Don’t follow the same workout schedule

Following a similar pattern on the treadmill will become a task for your body. After a few weeks, the set of exercises will become less efficient because the muscles will gain less and you will burn calories.

Working out the same way also results in easy distraction. You might waste more time while revising other memories to consume your workout hour. If you are in a gym, then other people, songs or the television will easily divert your mind and body, results in a less efficient workout session.

Change the workout pattern

Look for new styles or walking, jogging or running and deploy them in your workout session. Change the schedule every week. Start running at a low intensity for a week, then increase your speed followed by the inclines.

Walking and running in combination is another thing you can try. Add some weight lifting to your home gym if you also want to train your upper body. You can add dumbbells and train your arms, shoulders, and chest as well.

7. Don’t run with wrong gears

Choose your running shoes carefully. Always try to run once you are ready with a sports shoe. Use regular footwear with less cushion and you might not be able to run for the next few days.

Do choose treadmill shoes

Look for a pair of shoes specially made for athletic activities. Such footwear comes with extra padding and hence protects your foot and knees.

Once you have one of the best treadmill shoes, use it only for running on the treadmill. So that it can be comfortable and supportive for a long time.

How to Keep Your Table Saw Surface Clean and Rust-Free?

How to Keep Your Table Saw Surface Clean and Rust-Free?

Woodworking power tools like a table saw, band saw and radial arm saw come with a working table, which is most of the times made of cast iron.

It’s a durable and vibration-free metal, but at the same susceptible to tarnish and rust. Manufacturers apply a wax cost on such machines to prevent early rusting during transport.

However, you need to remove the existing wax layer and then apply a new one before you start working on any of the projects.


Table Saw Lubrication

You can try paraffin wax, but it tends to build a sticky residue. A carnauba based wax is a better option because it’s a silicon-free element, lasts for a long time and most importantly; keeps the moisture away from the table saw.

Apply a liberal amount of wax everywhere on the table saw using a sponge and let it dry. Buff it with a paper towel or cotton cloth and repeat the same process after every couple of months.

Not only the table saw, but lubrication protects all other metal tools in your workshop as well. You can try the Dirtbusters Super cera, which is one of the best carnauba wax variants that keep the table saw surface clean and rust-free. Apart from carnauba wax, you can also try Liberon LUBW500.

Make A Plywood Cover

Table Saw plywood cover

Every evening when you leave the workshop, you should power off the table saw, lower down its blade and cover the structure with plywood.

Remove the rip fence before you cover the cutting machine. Also, mark the plywood. Otherwise, you will cut it with other wood stock.

Related post: If you are planning to buy a new table saw -must read the guide & top listing published on Greenmachinery to learn what are the things to consider when choosing.

What To Do In Case Of Rust Development?

Even if you are taking care of the table saw in the best possible way. There are chances that you might notice rust developing in any area of the power tool.

In such cases, spray WD-40 on the infected area and sand with hands using 600 grit wet/dry sandpaper. You should rewax the surface because WD-40 will not stop moisture.

Final Words

Never use a silicon-based wax or protectant on your table saw. Such wax tends to leave a layer that might mess with the wooden finishing while you cut them.

Once you are leaving the workshop, you should also try and clean the dirt and debris from your machines using a dry cloth or soft brush.

Also, repeat the waxing process once every two months to keep the protection alive and armed.

When Should I Clean My Gutters In The Spring?

When Should I Clean My Gutters In The Spring?

Cleaning gutters is a dirty task but still everyone has to do it. If you own a house, then it’s essential to keep the gutters clean from dry leaves, small branches, dirt, and other debris.

It’s even more critical to drain the gutters in an area where summers are extra dry, and winters are wet than usual.


Because dry leaves will leave the gutters cluttered in summers resulting in overflow on the first heavy rain.

Today, we will talk about more reasons why you should clean the gutters. More importantly, we will discuss how often they should be cleaned manually and the situation where you should consult professionals.

when should I clean gutter

What Happens If You Don’t Clean The Gutters?

Looks like a straightforward question. However, if not carefully answered, it might lead to several complicated and costly to fix problems. Some of the them are mentioned below:

  • Mold foundation

Leaves, crops, and other small dust particles clogged inside the gutter will lead to water collection. Overflow is a common consequence. However, deposited dust, leaves and clogged water will also result in molds as well as a filthy smell. Once the mold or moisture gets inside your house, it’s not easy to fix the leakage.

  • Injuries

Mold is slippery once it becomes thick. Such a situation on the roof or stairs can be a problem for kids and seniors.

  • Bugs and other contaminated insects

Clogged gutters are an invitation for germs, insects and eventually pests. Once settled in the trenches, these creatures will be inside your house in no time.

  • Leaking Roof And Basement

If you leave the gutters uncleaned for a long time, the moisture will eventually make way inside your house. Humidity and water will damage the roof, and finally, it will start leaking. Similar problems may be faced by your basement as well. If gutters are not propelling water in the right manner, then lower channels will also be effected, resulting in moisture and leakage.

When To Clean The Gutters?

You should clean the gutters at least twice in the year: once at the end of springs and when the fall starts/late summer. However, it depends upon the situation, and other factors that may lead to gutter clogging. Example: If you have eucalyptus and pine trees around the house, then prefer cleaning the gutters after every three months because these trees shed all around the year. Leaving the dry leaves in the channel is also a fire hazard.

Even if you have cleaned the gutters recently and you see overflow or dripping, then it’s time to repeat the process.

When To Call The Professionals?

Gutter cleaning is a task that can be done manually. However, in several circumstances, it’s better to call the professional help.

Lack of time. Cleaning any part of the house is not fun. It takes a lot of time and energy. So, if you have less time on weekends or you have scheduled some other personal works; contact professional services. They will give you quick and efficient results without making a big hole in your pocket.

Safety. If you own a multistory house, then it will not be safe to access the gutters. Cleaning professionals are trained for such situations, and they will give you the desired results.

Overall coverage. Professional gutter cleaning will not only save you money, but the executives will also inform you about any other ongoing problem that needs to be fixed. They will provide information about the gutters, how to keep them safe, how to avoid leaf build up, and how to prevent leaking, etc. Such information will help you to keep your house safe and longlasting.

Gutter Cleaning Tips

Cleaning gutters is not a complicated process, but it can create a further mess if not done correctly. Tried and tested method is to use your hands while removing the leaves and debris from gutters. You can also try gutter vacuum systems or high-pressure water hose to clear the clogs. Follow the given tips to make the cleaning process safe and effective:

  • Wear gloves and eye protection to avoid any health risk
  • Do not throw gutter waste on the ground, use a garbage bag, and dispose of them at the right place.
  • Use a high-quality sealant to block any leakage, if you notice one.
  • A solution of bleach and water can be used to clean molds
  • If you are using a ladder, take extra help for support
Tips for Choosing the Right Watches For Men

Tips for Choosing the Right Watches For Men

A lot of men, fashion-conscious or not, pride themselves in the kind of watches they wear.  This is because the type of watch a man wears, speaks volumes about his lifestyle and even his taste. You might have noticed that watches have turned out to be one of the most popular gifts men get.

People find it hard getting a man a suitable gift that would be well appreciated; this is why watches are the perfect gifts. They could serve as birthday presents, engagement gifts and even valentine gifts.

Buying a suitable watch for a man or as a man could turn out to be hard work because of the variety of brands, designs, and styles etc. that are now readily available.

Here, you would be guided on how to choose men’s watch and also find out about the best watches for men.

What Watches Are Best For Men?

sports watch for men1. Sports Watches – These types of watches are usually durable, water and shock resistant.

Although these watches might be sustainable, while choosing, it is essential to consider its design and functional capability.

Getting a sports watch would mean that you would need it for jobs that would involve a lot of physical activities.

There are a lot of brands that produce sports watches, and for whichever, you pick to ensure that the features are working correctly.

2. Luxury Watches – Luxury watches are quite pricey but are always worth their price.

While random watches come in bulks and low rates, luxurious watches are limited and highly valued.

They are highly priced because of the standard, quality of their artisanship and also the functionality.

luxury_watchThey come in different materials ranging from plastics to metals and even titanium.

Some of the features with which these watches come are timers, calendars, alarms and water-proof.

3. Classic Watches – A classic watch might just be your best pick. These watches are highly durable, long lasting and possess attractive but straightforward designs.  Their features are few and also very easy to work with. For this reason, they are no doubt, one of the best choices for investment.

Things You Should Consider When Choosing a Man’s Watch

What’s His Personal Style Like?

To get a suitable watch for your man or as a man, personal style should play an essential role in your choice.  For men that are fashion-conscious, it is necessary to put into consideration the design of the watch.  Advanced and lustrous watches would be preferable for men who like to be up-to-date with technology, while the classic, standard and traditional watches would be preferable to others.

What’s the Occasion?

When getting a man’s watch, it is necessary to consider the type of occasions or events he attends daily. In addition to this, there some men who are fashion-conscious and would always want to have the right watch on for every event and outfit. Meaning that, for a casual event, a sporty watch is worn, for formal occasions, a classic or luxury watch is worn. If he falls under this category, you can either get a watch to suit either of the events or a watch that can fit into every function.

Do You Know His wrist size?

This might be a little hard, as you might want this watch to come as a surprise to your man. You shouldn’t worry, as there are a few ways you can measure his wrist size manually. Make sure his wrist size is known to avoid getting an undersized or an oversize. If you’re getting this as a man, this shouldn’t be a problem. Design and size of the watch should differ with wrist size and stature. They should always match.

Quality Matters Too

This is one of the significant things you should consider when choosing a watch. And in determining quality, it is also important to consider the type of activities your man is involved in daily. Its longevity and resilience should be checked too. Whatever is worth giving should also be long-lasting.

High or Low Price Budget?

Whenever you need to get a few things or something, you always work with a budget in mind. This also applies here. Standard and quality watches come with a high price and get one of superior quality you would need no less than 100 dollers. To get something that would fall within your financial capacity, a little survey would do. If you want to have some luxurious one, under just $500 you can get some amazing watches from SEIKO. Find the best Seiko watch under 500 and choose your dream watch.

These few guides here should be able to help you pick a watch that would not just fit your man perfectly, but also your pocket.


Cleaning Myths That You Might Believe Are True: An Ultimate Proofs

Cleanliness is a perfect habit that everyone should follow to keep their family and home from different infections or diseases. But unfortunately, there exist some myths related to cleaning that most of us think it right and searching for further proofs.

Here we are going to clarify your doubts about cleaning.


The Most Popular Cleaning Myths That You Believe it True:

Hand washing dishes are very hygiene than using a dishwasher:

Dishwashers are very useful and convenient to tackle a lot of dishes neatly. The boiled water in the dishwasher is excellent to sanitize the dishes correctly and saves water, time and efforts. But in regular hand wash, we are not using hot water to clean.

Cleaning products are efficient:

Every cleaning solution companies significantly advertise their products in which it kills 99% of the germs and bacteria. But it doesn’t mean that it really won’t kill all of the dangerous bacteria. Studies revealed that regular soap and water are best for removing the germs than an expensive cleaning product.

Vinegar is good to clean anything:

The use of vinegar for cleaning the walls, tiles, and bathrooms is a great job. But it is not suited for all the things like granite, stone and wooden based furniture. Some of the tasks are done by vinegar efficiently and not for all.

Too much vacuuming damages the carpeting:

carpet vacuuming

It’s better to reduce the vacuuming frequently of wool or any non-synthetic mats. But the latest rugs are durable enough to vacuum any number of times you want. These carpets are prepared with sturdy material to beat with any temperature. Here you can check some suitable stick vacuum cleaners for carpets https://cleanthefloor.com/best-corded-stick-vacuums/

Natural cleaning products are best and secure:

In the marketplace, we can’t easily find natural products, and if you will get the natural one, then it doesn’t mean that it is safe. For instance, ammonia is a natural element that comprises hydrogen and nitrogen. Alkali also causes danger to your health if you could use more than the limited quantity.

Bleach is ideal for cleaning:

The common myth that everyone believes is bleach could be the ultimate disinfectant and not a cleaning solution. It works well for killing dangerous bacteria but fails to clean the rough stains around the floor. Actually, bleach contains soap foam which is used to clean neatly. So, reduce the quantity of using bleach level, it doesn’t look cooperative for your wellbeing and sanitation.

Newspapers are good to clean glasses:

Of course, a paper is a right thing to wipe the glass, but it takes a long time. It’s well again to use n absorbent cotton fabric with face powder takes less time to clean than a newspaper.

Febreze is useful for cleaning:

The myth about Febreze you could believe is entirely wrong. It doesn’t sanitize anything and just spreads out with a pleasant fragrance. In this way, your sense tells that things are cleaner than they exist before.

No need to emptying the vacuum until it is full:

This statement is not true because the dirt in the vacuum for several days leads to more insects and the vacuum suction may get damage. So you need to empty the garbage container after every three-quarter full.

Hence keep all these truths in mind to get rid of the entire old tales. Consider your right decision to challenge your own beliefs for leading a great lifestyle.

How to Choose A Good Latex Mattress

The latex Mattresses are advanced inventions of the innerspring mattresses. These types of mattresses have a lot of importance and gaining more and more with their best features.

They are best known to give users comfort and support with their special features. The Latex mattresses have a lot of benefits to the user which make them a great option to have nice sleep during nights.

The similar mattresses like innerspring and form mattresses also offer the same benefits with the latex mattress. But there are some drawbacks and limitations with these mattresses when compared to the latex mattress.

As they are the advanced versions of innerspring, they will recover the limitations of them. Hence you don’t find the problems of the innerspring mattress with the latex mattress. Here are some of the tips you can use to choose a good Latex Mattress to get a nice sleep.

Tips to Choose Good Latex Mattress


Choose natural latex

The latex mattresses are of two types, the first one is natural and the other one is synthetic. The second type of mattresses is cheap when compared to the natural mattress.

They synthetic are not worth and also have very fewer facilities when compared to the natural mattresses. Hence choose the natural latex which benefits you to get top quality features.

The natural latex mattresses are more durable and have a longer lifespan. You can benefits more with these kinds of mattresses. Many experts claim that natural mattress acts as anti-allergenic to your body. Hence you can use these products with the best benefits when compared to the synthetic mattresses.

Get the multiple layer latex

The latex mattresses contain layers that some bed contains two layers while others also contain three or four layers. The more layers bed will give you more comfort and support than the less layer bed.

They help you to spread weight equally to all parts of the body. It is best suitable for couples sleeping with one or more persons. Hence most of the people will likely to have multiple layer latex mattresses that offer them great advantages.

Choose simple designs

There are hundreds of designs available in the latex mattresses. You can choose the best suitable design for your requirement. Selecting a simple design will help you to get breath inside covers.

The heavy designs will make your body uncomfortable and hence you don’t get breath inside covers. Choosing the right and simple design latex will benefit you in having the right air flow to your body.

The right way to purchase

The Latex mattress under 1000 dollars is available in both online and traditional stores. You can purchase from any of them. These two ways of purchasing will have equivalent benefits. You can touch and feel the latex when you purchase from the traditional store.

You can get a lot of special discounts and offers when you buy them from online stores. This will benefit you to get the right product with a low budget. Hence these are the tips involved in choosing a good latex mattress type.