Tips to get the best out of your treadmill

Tips to get the best out of your treadmill

When chilly mornings take over, the outdoor running lacks its attraction and becomes a cumbersome task for many of us.

Now, the only workout friend you have is a treadmill. But, how can you make the most of it? Well, there is more than just pressing the power button and roll on with the moving belt.

Here, we will reveal some of the best treadmill tips. All comes directly from the desk of fitness scientists and workout experts.

1. Don’t take the treadmill straight away

Find a vacant treadmill and hope on instantly to lose some calories. As tempting as it sounds. Right? However, it’s not the best practice for your muscles.

Similar to weight lifting or strength training exercises, you should spend some time warming your body before stepping on a tread belt.

Do spend some time on warm-up

A five-minute warm-up will activate your heart and it will start sending more oxygen to your muscles. Hence, the body temperature will rise and it will be more receptive to the challenges you will throw while running.

So, start with some walk, then jog for a while before you increase the speed or engage in incline positions.

2. Don’t run in a poor form

Landing hard on the tread belt or running while leaning back or forwards might result in muscle strain. Running with a diverted mind can also result in a lack of balance.

Keep your mind and body together while you run on a treadmill. Focus what you are doing, maintain your focus on your muscles, on the steps, and on your heartbeat. If you will concentrate more on what you are doing, you will feel the positive energy flowing through your veins that will also push you for those extra miles or lift some extra weight.

Do maintain your body and movements

Walk or run while maintaining the right form is one of the important factors. You should run upright while keeping your face, neck, and arms relaxed. Make sure your arms are moving back and forth, not across your chest.

Always look forward and keep your head and body at the same level. Semi-roll your feet for smooth strides.

3. Don’t look down

Best Treadmill Tips for beginners

If you look at the moving belt for a long time, you might feel dizzy and ultimately lose balance. So, don’t look down while running or walking on a treadmill.

Don’t force or slap your feet on the running surface. Never take long strides to make extra impact your knees and hence losing the form.
Do as you walk or run outdoors

Visualize that you are on a usual running track. Do not think that you are running indoors and you have to be more careful about your strides. No matter you are walking, jogging or running, you have to move smoothly and naturally.

As a beginner, you might start rushing after a few minutes, but hold your horses because you don’t have to lose all our energy at once for a less efficient workout.

4. Don’t hold the rails

If you are repeatedly holding the safety rails while walking or running on a treadmill, then its time you should revise your techniques. Walking with a hold in hand means you are feeling overwhelmed, kind of filled.

Do move your arms while running or walking

Once you feel the need for support, decrease the speed or lower down the incline. Start running at constant speed wherein you don’t have to hold anything. If you want to get more accurate treadmill tips best treadmill under $600 review can fulfill your requirement.

Increase the speed to some extent and practice at the same without any support. Gradually, you will build a habit to run without holding the safety rails.

5. Don’t incline it too much

Do not set the incline for more than seven percent. Running at high inclination will put extra pressure on our ankles, hips, and back.

You might think that you are getting a great workout for your lower body by running on a steep tread belt. However, a straight hill path is not a good idea and can even lead to injuries.

Do alternate the running paths

Think in this way; would you find a three-mile hill with an incline of six or seven percent outdoors? No, you will not. So, what is the best way to use the incline feature?

Well, do not run on an inclined tread belt for more than five minutes. Change the tread surface to normal settings after a few minutes. Mixing the running minutes between an inclined and normal path is efficient in building strength, stamina, and endurance.

6. Don’t follow the same workout schedule

Following a similar pattern on the treadmill will become a task for your body. After a few weeks, the set of exercises will become less efficient because the muscles will gain less and you will burn calories.

Working out the same way also results in easy distraction. You might waste more time while revising other memories to consume your workout hour. If you are in a gym, then other people, songs or the television will easily divert your mind and body, results in a less efficient workout session.

Change the workout pattern

Look for new styles or walking, jogging or running and deploy them in your workout session. Change the schedule every week. Start running at a low intensity for a week, then increase your speed followed by the inclines.

Walking and running in combination is another thing you can try. Add some weight lifting to your home gym if you also want to train your upper body. You can add dumbbells and train your arms, shoulders, and chest as well.

7. Don’t run with wrong gears

Choose your running shoes carefully. Always try to run once you are ready with a sports shoe. Use regular footwear with less cushion and you might not be able to run for the next few days.

Do choose treadmill shoes

Look for a pair of shoes specially made for athletic activities. Such footwear comes with extra padding and hence protects your foot and knees.

Once you have one of the best treadmill shoes, use it only for running on the treadmill. So that it can be comfortable and supportive for a long time.