Gutter Cleaning

When Should I Clean My Gutters In The Spring?

Cleaning gutters is a dirty task but still everyone has to do it. If you own a house, then it’s essential to keep the gutters clean from dry leaves, small branches, dirt, and other debris.

It’s even more critical to drain the gutters in an area where summers are extra dry, and winters are wet than usual.


Because dry leaves will leave the gutters cluttered in summers resulting in overflow on the first heavy rain.

Today, we will talk about more reasons why you should clean the gutters. More importantly, we will discuss how often they should be cleaned manually and the situation where you should consult professionals.

when should I clean gutter

What Happens If You Don’t Clean The Gutters?

Looks like a straightforward question. However, if not carefully answered, it might lead to several complicated and costly to fix problems. Some of the them are mentioned below:

  • Mold foundation

Leaves, crops, and other small dust particles clogged inside the gutter will lead to water collection. Overflow is a common consequence. However, deposited dust, leaves and clogged water will also result in molds as well as a filthy smell. Once the mold or moisture gets inside your house, it’s not easy to fix the leakage.

  • Injuries

Mold is slippery once it becomes thick. Such a situation on the roof or stairs can be a problem for kids and seniors.

  • Bugs and other contaminated insects

Clogged gutters are an invitation for germs, insects and eventually pests. Once settled in the trenches, these creatures will be inside your house in no time.

  • Leaking Roof And Basement

If you leave the gutters uncleaned for a long time, the moisture will eventually make way inside your house. Humidity and water will damage the roof, and finally, it will start leaking. Similar problems may be faced by your basement as well. If gutters are not propelling water in the right manner, then lower channels will also be effected, resulting in moisture and leakage.

When To Clean The Gutters?

You should clean the gutters at least twice in the year: once at the end of springs and when the fall starts/late summer. However, it depends upon the situation, and other factors that may lead to gutter clogging. Example: If you have eucalyptus and pine trees around the house, then prefer cleaning the gutters after every three months because these trees shed all around the year. Leaving the dry leaves in the channel is also a fire hazard.

Even if you have cleaned the gutters recently and you see overflow or dripping, then it’s time to repeat the process.

When To Call The Professionals?

Gutter cleaning is a task that can be done manually. However, in several circumstances, it’s better to call the professional help.

Lack of time. Cleaning any part of the house is not fun. It takes a lot of time and energy. So, if you have less time on weekends or you have scheduled some other personal works; contact professional services. They will give you quick and efficient results without making a big hole in your pocket.

Safety. If you own a multistory house, then it will not be safe to access the gutters. Cleaning professionals are trained for such situations, and they will give you the desired results.

Overall coverage. Professional gutter cleaning will not only save you money, but the executives will also inform you about any other ongoing problem that needs to be fixed. They will provide information about the gutters, how to keep them safe, how to avoid leaf build up, and how to prevent leaking, etc. Such information will help you to keep your house safe and longlasting.

Gutter Cleaning Tips

Cleaning gutters is not a complicated process, but it can create a further mess if not done correctly. Tried and tested method is to use your hands while removing the leaves and debris from gutters. You can also try gutter vacuum systems or high-pressure water hose to clear the clogs. Follow the given tips to make the cleaning process safe and effective:

  • Wear gloves and eye protection to avoid any health risk
  • Do not throw gutter waste on the ground, use a garbage bag, and dispose of them at the right place.
  • Use a high-quality sealant to block any leakage, if you notice one.
  • A solution of bleach and water can be used to clean molds
  • If you are using a ladder, take extra help for support